Wear the Scarf as a Top // Shiny Pants

wear the scarf as top shiny smart pants

Wandering the streets of Lisbon last year I bought this printed silk scarf. I assumed then I will be wearing it mostly as a bandanna. The colors perfectly matched some of my dresses and also my unicorn hair color. Little did I know that later that year the heat of New York would give a boost to my creativity and I was going to wear it as a top. I instantly liked it better as a top. It was perfect for late evenings spent on Big Apple’s rooftops. I have doubts it has the same effect in the Netherlands though. Even so I have the feeling that this scarf is here to stay. It is one of those items I will be keeping for the years to come. Maybe in the end I will even wear it as a scarf.

If you are wondering whether I really wear those shoes every weekend, the answer is no. The reason: those sidewalks were not made for walking in stilettos. And cycling with them is not an easy sport either. Here most of the streets and sidewalks are covered with cobblestones. Which is pretty cool and beautiful, no complain about it. But it does not encourage one’s drive for stilettos. And then there is the inclination of the sidewalks, for the water to easily flow into the drains. Walking in the center of the city this last weekend, I saw a girl getting stuck in the cobblestones. Her boyfriend rescued her and they had a good laugh about it. The first time is funny, but the tenth? Then you just buy some sneakers. Dutch women are really keen on white sneakers. And I think I will put a pair on my list.

Adaptability is not imitation. It means powers of resistance and assimilation. Even Ghandi knows it. Keep it real and colorful!

wear a scarf as a top smart pantswear a scarf as a top smart pantswear a scarf as a top smart shiny pantswear a scarf as a top smart pantswear a scarf as a top smart shiny pantswear a scarf as a top smart shiny pants

Scarf/top: Massimo Dutti (old but below I prepared a whole list of similar items and I am really proud about the result), Pants: Scotch & Soda, Shoes: Guess (old but similar here), Bag: Ted Baker (old but I like this one for the classic look and this one if you want to add more color to this outfit)

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  1. Its always pleasant to read your blog! And the pictures! Woow! They look super good! The details the colors the set 👌👌 😙😙

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