Swedish Design and Vintage Fur

Swedish Design Accessories with a Discount Code

I did experience an accessory crush when I found the products from iDeal of Sweden. What I like best about this Sweden design is its bold green color combined with a classic pattern. I would say somewhere around ‘lagom‘. ‘Lagom‘ is a Swedish word that means ‘not too much, not too little, just right‘. Back in the Viking days, mead would be passed around, laget om, and everyone would take their sips. Today this word is the quintessence of the Nordic lifestyle, from the food they eat to the fashion they create. It is about moderation. It underpins the lack of fussiness and pretentiousness, but plenty of contentment and quiet confidence. Have a look at their collections and let me know what you think, whether they stand by ‘lagom‘? I have a particular crush on the tropical fall case. And if you feel the same, now you can buy their products with a discount of 20% by using this code: HERFST17 until 17th of October.

Luxury Goods in Communist Romania

Unlike Nordic people, I grew up in a country where gluttony is just good manners. Excess is the quintessence of Romanian fashion. And if I were still living there, I would maybe not even notice. I believe fashion in every country is influenced by a sum of factors: climate, religion, political and social context. Not necessarily in this order. Thinking this through, I have no doubt that the communist regime was the most influential factor for the Romanian fashion of today. In the 80s, people were especially dependent on the black market, informal networks and the barter system for acquiring basic as well as luxury goods. And this was not an easy errand, so not everybody succeeded even if they had the money to buy those goods.

Status was the surest route to acquiring both types of goods through the use of closed stores or foreign currency stores. The luxury items sold at these stores included French cognac, American whisky, blue jeans and Kent cigarettes. These products were so coveted that they constituted a form of currency in the second economy. I even remember my parents own stash of cigarettes though none of them was smoking. This oppressive system influenced a lot the way people position themselves today towards fashion. For my parents, buying as much as possible back then and some time after the revolution was essential. Simply because they might not find those goods the next day in the stores. For their children (me included) it is a learned behavior.

Vintage Fur

So it should not be a surprise that after the revolution in ’89, demand for western fashion merchandise was increasing. Specifically for famous brands. One of the goods that was highly appreciated, at least in my hometown, was the fur coat. It was a sign of status. And it was coveted especially because it was so difficult to procure it during the communism times. I remember my mother buying at least five of them. The fur coat I wear is a vintage one I received as a gift. And I am really fond of it. And it seemed just right to match it with my new phone case and a pair of high heels sandals. Much is less, right?!

Keep it colorful! And have a look at those colorful products designed in Sweden!

Swedish Design and Vintage FurSwedish Design and Vintage FurSwedish Design and Vintage FurSwedish Design and Vintage FurSwedish Design and Vintage FurSwedish Design and Vintage FurSwedish Design and Vintage FurSwedish Design and Vintage FurSwedish Design and Vintage FurSwedish Design and Vintage Fur

Telephone Case: iDeal of Sweden, Shoes: Mango (on sales now), Blouse: Mango (on sales now), Bag: Meraki Bags, Lip Gloss: Channel Tenderness 

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