Stardust Dress // Millennial Pink Faux-Fur

It Sings its Way into any Room

I had again the huge chance to work with a young Romanian designer. Revival of Wigs designs for people who want to live without constraints. Those people who don’t hesitate to choose differently every time, who dare to wear a different color or a new tailoring. For the  people who chose their own Milky Way. Silvia is the Romanian fashion designer behind Revival of Wigs. She likes the mix of new with old, the form with color, the feminine with masculine, the presence and absence. Just like her. 

I instantly liked the stardust dress I wear. It is such a playful and versatile design. This is why I can wear it both with over-sized lace sneakers and high heels. For Silvia, the stardust print suggests harmony and music of the sphere. For me, it is a dazzling fantasy dress, made from the softest fabric which comes to life with every movement. It actually sings its way into any room. So if you want to play low one day, this is not the dress for you. But if you want to sparkle, it should be a first choice. You will look and sound like stardust music.  How does stardust music sound like? Well, you just have to order this dress to find out :). 

Millennial Pink and Improvised Choker

You already know my preference for faux-fur coats so it should not come as a surprise that this millennial pink jacket rapidly became my new favorite. Its floral print is just that je ne sais quoi I was looking for. If you like a more feminine infusion in your look, the choker trend of last year is just right. I did not buy a choker, I improvised one from the satin laces I received together with my sneakers. The satin laces seems more fun to be worn as a bandanna, a choker or even a scrunchie. Yes, scrunchies are a new thing this year. Keep it colorful!

Dress: Revival of Wigs, Faux-fur: Zara, Booties: Coca Zaboloteanu, Sneakers: Puma; Bag: Kate Spade (sold out, but what about this color?)

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