Reluctant to Wear a Kimono?

flowers print green kimono

A “thing to wear” (ki “wear” and mono “thing”), the Japanese-inspired kimono is far from being just that. In Japan, the pattern of the kimono can determine in which season it should be worn. Butterflies or cherry blossoms would be worn in spring. Watery prints are kept for the summer. Autumn comes with the russet leaf of the Japanese maple. Winter is more for bamboo, pine trees and plum blossoms patterns. The concept of kimono layering nowadays only worn during performances by geisha and maiko draw my attention. Unlike the original piece of clothing, used to be sewn by hand and to consist of four main strips of fabric, the kimono of today denotes full length T-shaped robe with straight lines. Similar to a dressing gown. Marion Cotillard wore a similar flower-print dressing gown in the movie Allied. While at home wiring messages to Nazi spies to the disappointment of Brad Pitt (don’t ask more).

However, I am pretty sure mine can be worn outside the house. This trend for the spring pretty much solves spontaneous visits issues. Offspring of East-European parents, changing my clothes when getting home from school was my mother’s first demand. Wearing either dressing gowns or comfortable leggings in the house is a habit I still have. You can imagine my consternation when I found out Dutch people wear the same clothes at work as they do at home. Only later I understood my neighbor’s reaction when one Friday morning I opened the door. Her visit was not planned so I was wearing my dressing gown. She gave me a strange look and asked “Your day off?“. Next time I will make sure to wear my kimono-robe and give a lecture about trends.

This feminine piece of clothing looks well when worn with casual, favorite basics and I have been wearing it with my boyfriend jeans and white shoes and a t-shirt. But it also works with a preppier look like this black jumpsuit. I did not choose heels because of comfort obvious reasons and also because this was a Saturday at the market photo-shooting. Otherwise high heels would have been a match especially due to the full length of the print green kimonoflowers print green kimonoflowers print green kimonofloral green kimonoflower print green kimonoflowers print green kimono
Kimono: Zara (this one with cranes is also nice), Handbag: Mango, Jumpsuit: Massimo Dutti (similar and I also like this one), Shoes: Massimo Dutti (old but similar, but I also like these), Sunglasses: Zara

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