Back Detail and Tassel Earrings // Swing Bridge

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A back detail dress and tassel earrings worn during a sunny sunset. Nothing beats this after a full weekend of rain! Welcome to the Netherlands! Though I shouldn’t jinx it; up to know we had a great summer. If you live in the Netherlands you cannot ignore the joy Dutch feel when it’s sunny outside. They sing, they barbecue, even if officially it is not allowed to barbecue, they boot camp and they complain about how hot it is. If they don’t have a garden they get all their chairs and tables out on the sidewalk. But most of them have a garden. Why then? It may be that the grass is greener on the other side of the canal. Or the hydrangea is more colorful. It usually is, isn’t it?

I started to understand and feel the same joy. One that a person living in a country where from May to September the sun is always up and above cannot comprehend. Outdoor activities are the reason of my absence here on the blog. I became this active person I don’t recognize. So no particular outfit was required lately, the more comfortable, the better. Which is actually the status quo of fashion in the Netherlands. With this in mind, imagine people’s reaction when passing by during this last photo-shooting. The mobile bridge Draaibrug or Havenbrug used to link the trams with the railway station in Den Bosch at the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays it allows the boats to enter almost in the heart of the city.

The sunset was amazing last Sunday. So I matched the stripes of my prom back detail dress with the rays of the sunshine. I am embarking on this journey of only buying colors that suit my undertone. And I have to admit: I am really happy with the result. And the tassel earrings are not part of my curtains as my male Dutch colleague inquired. Though Dutch people rarely have curtains. But his remark kind of encapsulates the idea most of the Dutch have about fashion. Imagine the challenges I have to face :). Keep it real and colorful!

Back Detail and Tassel EarringsBack Detail and Tassel EarringsBack Detail and Tassel EarringsBack Detail and Tassel EarringsBack Detail and Tassel EarringsBack Detail and Tassel EarringsBack Detail and Tassel EarringsDress: on sale now Asos (I also like this and this one); Bag: Kate Spade (and I also like this one); Earrings: Zara (I also like these); High Heels Shoes (old from Guess, but I would wear these); Flats: Massimo Dutti (sold out, but what about these?)



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