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The Polka Dots Print and the Green Oiseau

The polka dot print has been my favorite since ever. It has a feminine playful charm and I cannot resist it. Apparently the designers could not either when they imagined their collections for 2018. So prepare for a polka dots year. I told Silvia, whom you already know, that this polka dots skirt would be a sensation in the rice terraces in Bali with all the greenery there. But my departure was too close to our conversation. I received this gorgeous polka dots skirt after coming back from Indonesia. Somehow the idea that green would be a great choice for this skirt stayed with me. I did not know how much green or which shade. But then my new Le Oiseau green booties with feathers-embellished heels asked for a challenge.

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

The challenge was the mix of an ankle-length skirt with high-heels. Just for you information, its elastic waistband allows you to wear it both as a high-waist or low-waist skirt. I prefer the low-waist for this outfit and to emphasize its pockets. I was always more inclined to pair flat shoes with ankle-length skirts or dresses. And this is what I initially did this week when in France. I worn my polka dots skirt with a pair of white oxford shoes and denim shirt to match that exquisite blue buttons design. But you know the comfort zone story people tell themselves nowadays, right? Like them, I had to step out of my comfort zone. Figuratively and literally I stepped out in these point-toe booties and the ankle-length polka dots skirt on the Dutch canals. And je ne regrette rien. I am still under the French Riviera influence these days, excusez-moi for my French. Keep it colorful!


Skirt: Revival of Wigs, Jacket: Zara, Turtleneck: Zara, Shoes: Katy Perry, Coat: Zara (old but what about this color?), Handbag: Mango (sold out, but what about this one?)


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