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One color outfit is a trend that comes back every now and then. Except for all black, I rarely embraced it. Two weeks ago, while sipping a glass of bubbles for my birthday, I could not take my eyes from a turquoise presence next to our table. A lady in her sixties or maybe older was looking into her rubber turquoise O’bag for a pair of turquoise wayfarer sunglasses. In order to find them she had to take out her half turquoise half green silk scarf.  Her Lott turquoise earrings were sparkling when she turned to the waiter to ask for another rosé. It is a thing with the Lott earrings in Den Bosch. What, you did not hear about them yet? Go check them out then. And yes, her dress, shoes and bracelets were also turquoise.

It may sound boring, but I decided I liked my neighbor’s outfit. Especially because she managed to pull together such a bold color outfit. Her secret: the turquoise hue of each item was exactly the same. Going for one color outfit may even come in handy. What if I forget to switch on the alarm and wake up late or have last moment doubts about the outfit of the day (which sometimes happens 6 out of 7 days, right?). When it comes to neutral colors, there is no rule in terms of hues. Wearing a beige skirt with a taupe blouse or a pair of light grey boots with a slightly darker grey dress looks great, maybe even better than one shade of beige or grey only. But once you decide to have an all green or all red outfit the difference in hues is of essence.

 (too many green hues)


 (same hue for each item)


(high contrasting hues of the same color)

(high contrasting hues of the same color)

Unlike my neighbor, I added a bit of color to my light green outfit. Plus I wanted to wear my new clutch which is perfect for this time of the year. Why? Because Dutch celebrate Kermis. I did tell you about how keen Dutch people are on amusement parks. One day you walk in the market to buy fruits and vegetables, the next day huge colorful machines and lights are installed. Originally, the Kermis was an annual religious celebration. On that day people flowed together to worship the patron saint of the church. These days the fair lost its connection with its hallow beginnings. PS: I did not eat the candy.

one color outfit funny clutchone color outfit funny clutchone color outfit funny clutchone color outfit funny clutchone color outfit funny clutchone color outfit funny clutch

Shirt/Blouse: Sissy-Boy (last seen here); Jeans (Zara old, but similar here); Shoes: Zara; Necklace (moon): Mimi et Toi; Clutch: Essential Antwerp



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