Giveaway Silk Scarf // Art Concept Store in Den Bosch

Silk Scarf Embellished with an Original Painting

I am beyond happy I have the chance to write this post. For several reasons. First, during my last trip to Bucharest I met Adriana, both an art director and experienced entrepreneur. After almost twenty years of working in the beauty industry and learning everything about marketing and branding, Adriana turned to one of her first passions: painting. She then decided to combine her painting knowledge with fashion and offer women a different product, an objet d’art. She very much succeeded by creating her line of luxury scarves embellished with original paintings. Under the brand Adria Arte by Adriana Repede, the paintings come to life as a fashion luxury accessory. The paintings are digitally printed on the best quality silk with the help of a graphic designer.

It’s fascinating to create a product that excites you as an author, that is a reflection of all the knowledge you have gained, but also a reflection of the passion, the inner exploration call. It is a story of becoming…

Her first collection is inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean space, with flowers, fruits and birds flourishing towards the friendly sun. Having such a rich experience, Adriana knows exactly how to mix art with the latest trends on the market. The citrus was a really hip print last summer. The combo of the lemon print with the blue in this frame silk scarf convinced me the moment I saw it. And I knew I would wear this scarf anytime of the year. The yellow brightens any grey day in the Netherlands and the blue matches perfectly my skin undertone. When I met Adriana, she also indicated this scarf for my style and skin undertone. A match made in heaven :)! I like to wear the scarf during this season with a fur coat because of their luxury look, but also because a delicate silk scarf balances perfectly the warmth and the chunky look of a fur coat.

You can win this scarf or a similar one if you enter on my instagram and follow the steps described there.

Lui Lui Art Concept Store in Den Bosch

Another reason I am happy I can share this post with you is the opportunity to take pictures in Lui Lui Art Concept Store. I kind of took my photo-session to the next level in terms of location. If I could have acted as normal as on an empty street, well that is another story. Bare with me, it is just the beginning of this type of photo-sessions.

Lui Lui opened in Den Bosch this fall. And I was beyond happy to see this happening. A place like no other where paintings, sculptures and modern designs cohabit with literature books and art albums. Its espresso machine and the little bench at the entrance in the shop is a warm invitation to thumb through the books. While the knowledgeable curators answer any question you have. About books or art pieces in the shop. The huge lamp in the last pictures evokes the grey communist past of East Germany as it was brought from there. I have already flipped through a modern art and a neo-burlesque album. A wooden fox sculpture also draw my attention. I will for sure be a trusty customer at Lui Lui.

Have a great week and keep it colorful!


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Silk Scarf: Adria Arte by Adriana Repede, Coat: Zara, Dress: Massimo Dutti (old but similar here and than you can use the scarf as a bandanna), Boots: Zara, Bag: Kate Spade

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