Entangled Ways to Unicorn-Colored Hair

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Today the focus is on the entangled ways to unicorn-colored hair! If you checked my throwback post to Venice, you may have noticed a change of hair color. One of my resolution in 2016 was to try unicorn pink hair.  The ‘millennial pink’ shade. Which was pretty bold per se, not to mention that I had to trust a new hairstylist. One of the challenges when moving countries is finding a good hairstylist, believe me! When finally I found one, I went straight for unicorn-colored hair. He nonchalantly informed me that bleaching is necessary. Otherwise mixing pink shade with my gold blond (similar gold tone with the one you see in these pictures) would result in orange. Orange would do for a King’s Day in the Netherlands (which by the way we celebrate tomorrow!), but what about my craving for the millennial pink? I was not necessarily keen on bleaching. But he assured me that with this new miracle product Olaplex there will be no damage to my hair. A new product which protects the hair to remain strong and healthy? On top of that, how can a single bleach damage my hair? My doubts were surpassed: bring on the millennial pink shade!

What he nevertheless omitted to communicate is that embarking on the unicorn-colored hair implies clearing the schedule for the day and that most of the errands will remain unattended. It may also be a Dutch thing because when you ask them something from the past, they can answer they did that “1 or 5 years ago” (een jaar of vijf). So it is up to you to guess whether it was 1 or 3 or 5 years ago. “Bring a book cause the phone won’t do the trick” would have clarified that. I came in at 10 am and seven hours later (!) I was almost ready (!). The hairstylist did everything possible to erase any memory of my former self, I mean my former brass yellow hair color.  The Olaplex and the bleaching product left my hair curly with an elastic texture. Not bad I thought, I always wanted curly hair. “I told you it is going to be a success, didn’t I? Now you just have to get used to it, especially because people in this area of the Netherlands are more traditional. They don’t dare to make such statement changes.” The joy of looking outlandisher ?! Integration? Nevermind. One hour later (yes, that’s 8 in total) I had my pink shades on and could not take my eyes of my hair. Little I knew the biggest challenge were not the traditional Dutchies, but finding the best products to counter dry hair, the breakage and keeping the pink shade for more than three washes on.

The product you need to keep the silver color on and the yellow at bay is the purple shampoo. There are several purple shampoo on the market. I read that the darker the purple the better the result. But this is not true. I used a light purple shampoo bought from the salon and I had no complains. But I may not have been so obsessed about a tiny shade of yellow. The hairstylists are. To counter the dry hair, at the beginning I used Scruples mask every time I washed my hair together with the Scruples oil on the ends. This combination lead to a greasier hair which needed washing every 2 days. I then tried only the oil because the ends were the most affected. Without the mask, brushing lead to even more breakage. Then I gave up the oil and kept the mask. It was the best solution, the brushing became smoother and the hair was less greasier. I still have the oil and use it when I curl or straighten my hair. I could have chosen to wash my hair every 2 days, but the pink shade goes out very quickly. One of the products which helps with pink shades is the dry-shampoo. My favorite after trying a lot is Klorane. Reluctant to use dry-shampoo at the beginning due to hygiene queries, several hairstylists pledged for it and it rapidly became one of my favorite beauty products. My advice is to use it maximum 1-2 days in between washes and not to buy the ordinary products in the supermarket. If your scalp is as sensitive as mine, the low quality dry-shampoos will lead to itchiness and maybe also a lot of dandruff. Do not forget: the dry-shampoo does not replace the real shampoo.

I however could not find a solution for the breakage and the difference between the roots and the rest of the hair was also an issue. Even though my hair is sandy blonde, after bleaching the roots looked much darker. And it is not advisable to bleach the roots every three weeks because it can damage even more the hair. Let’s say that with the balayage trend, the difference could have been bearable. But the final straw was the reaction of my scalp to the first roots bleaching round; during the second visit to the salon. I felt my scalp was on fire. I did experience this in the past with normal hair coloring. But lately I only used ammonia-free products less aggressive for the hair and scalp. I only latter read that for a smooth bleaching process women turn to Advil (?!). As you see, this was a road with too much compromise for me and I decided to stop the bleaching.

My hair is still recovering and if I curl or straighten it, well, judge for yourself, it becomes even drier. These pictures taken in Lanzarote were supposed to be part of my first post on this blog. But the look of the hair did not qualified as a first blog. But it does for a sixth :). Keep it real!

Dress: Zara (old one but I like this one) Clutch: Plan Nederland (a very special one because it is part of a humanitarian project and the money are gathered to help girls in Uganda go to school, you can also chose from the three models they have) Shoes: well-known New Balance

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