Color Block Faux-Fur Scarf // Poinsettias Clutch

I did risk a bit when I matched my wool camel coat with this fuchsia beret. I bought the beret years ago when in Paris from one of the touristic shops in Montmartre. Can you be in Paris in your twenties and not buy a beret? No?! I knew it. Then I thought we already agreed millennial pink and yellow are a great combo, why not take colors combo to the next level?

By now you already know about the faux-fur tendency of this winter. I always liked fur coats, but I find the faux-fur scarf much more versatile. It totally changes the look of my coat. No need to invest in a new coat, but reinvent the old one. This warm faux-fur scarf can be also worn inside with a sleeveless dress. For me, it solved the issue of winter sleeveless dresses. You know that sleeveless wool or sweater midi dress you have in the closet? And not wearing it because it is too cold without a jacket or cardigan on? But never quite felt comfortable wearing both because of the chunky look? Well, maybe this is just my problem, but you cannot overlook the chic look of the scarf worn with a dress. 

If I had my doubts on the camel-fuchsia combo, I had none about this clutch. Perfect for December. The poinsettia flowers are widely used in Christmas floral displays. In Romania they are called “Craciunite” (a diminutive for Christmas). In the Netherlands the amaryllis flowers compete with poinsettias. Even if amaryllis are not supposed to bloom until spring, the botanists found a way to force them bloom in December. While poinsettias are originally from Mexico, amaryllis have their origin in South Africa and South America. I have to admit that amaryllis quickly became my favorite.

Being known for killing most of the plants I buy (I did not kill the last two cactus), I decided to buy floral prints instead or real flowers. The clutch is not only a floral print, it has a story. Like most of the clothing items I wear. It was manufactured by women in Africa, as part of  Plan Nederland‘ humanitarian project, an organization which strives to protect and empower girls in the developing countries. The money gathered from the sale of these clutches were used to help girls attend school in Uganda. 

The print is inspired by the poinsettias painting of Vladimir Tretchikoff. Known as one of the most commercially successful artists of all time, he became famous for painting women and flowers inspired by his life in China, Singapore and Indonesia. Later on he moved to South Africa where he spend most of his life. Though Tretchikoff was admired by some, he was criticized by others for its kitsch paintings. The South African National Gallery never acquired an original Tretchikoff because they did not “really regard Tretchikoff as a South African artist”. Tretchikoff once said that the only difference between himself and Vincent van Gogh was that Van Gogh had starved whereas he had become rich. What do you think?

Keep it colorful!

color block faux-fur scarfcolor block faux-fur scarfcolor block faux-fur scarf

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